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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of your Inquiries, however we're just a call away. For more inquiries. Feel free to call anytime.

What does cold room mean and its benefits/uses.

  As the name implies in a generic term, it means ''a cold room''. However technically it means more than the name implies. A cool room is mainly a cold store or large refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods in an environment below the outdoor temperature.  Cold room varies in temperature between  (+1°C to 101°C ) or Freezer ( -15°C to -30°C). It is an insulated and refrigerated space, that is temperature controlled to aid in the preserving products that require cold temperatures. Specialized cold rooms and freezer rooms for specific products require specific temperatures to preserve the product better, Like for instance vegetables require 5°C and blast freezer -25 to -35°C.

How long does it take to build a cold room?

 Basically it depends on the size of the cold or blast freezer room and accessories, materials involved. Also it depends on the volume, if there a multiple locations and quantity of the cold room or blast freezer room. 

What are your payment options?

Our payment plan are negotiable, upon Agreement.

What are the requirements to build a cold room or blast freezer room?

Cold rooms and blast freezer rooms are built inside warehouses, factories, shops, containers and houses. You’ll need at least a level concrete floor to install on and a canopy over the entire unit to keep it from direct sun and elements and sufficient electricity.

How is COLDTECH EXPERTS different from its competitors?

   We have a wide range of expertise, grasped by knowledge and in the tech world. In the field of COLDROOM, SOLAR and HVAC systems. Our range of tech expertise have worked in different environs like Germany, Denmark, Korea and Nigeria our main base.

We have the experience, and are very particular about satisfying our clients.

We ensure our clients are given quality products and services.

Do you build solar-powered cold rooms?

Yes we do, given that most cold rooms a built as a cold storage unit to preserve goods, food, medicine and commodities. For the sole aim of making profit either for businesses, or just preservation for NGO's , INGO's and others. It is important to achieve the aim (to preserve), and so power is important. Solar-powered cold rooms are perfect for unforeseen circumstances with electricity, ensuring that your products are best well preserved even in situations as mentioned above.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do. Though we build our cold rooms and solar onsite most times. But we deliver especially for Contracts of AC, solar and other products. We Build and deliver Worldwide.

Procurement and Contracts.

 Do you have a product or services you'd like to enquire about and confirm the Genuinty. We help you ensure products, services are genuine. WE have a wide range of expert Procurement officers well experienced, IT project managers and Tech professionals. 

  We also deliver contracts with our experience in IT and construction industry.

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