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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Cold room, Cold storage rooms, cool rooms are necessary for small-medium-large scale business of perishable goods. Cold room helps to preserve and keep the quality of goods either edible like (food, fruits and vegetable) or inedible goods like (pharmaceuticals), ensure that goods remain fresh as it should be in natural state. Cold rooms are a necessary aspect of the large- to mid-scale storage of perishable goods, especially for kitchen fitouts. In the hospitality industry, where food safety and hygiene are vital, a high quality cold room provided by a commercial kitchen shopfitter is indispensable. Aside from hospitality, cold rooms see a lot of use in supermarkets, universities, and other industries that need constant and reliable low temperatures.

There are several lucrative cold room businesses, but before we get on with that I'd like to explain what cold room itself is;

As the name implies in a general term, it means ''a cold room''. However technically it means more than the name implies. A cool room is mainly a cold store or large refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Cold room varies in temperature between (+1°C to 101°C ) or Freezer ( -15°C to -30°C). It is an insulated and refrigerated space, that is temperature controlled to aid in the preserving products that require cold temperatures. Specialized cold rooms and freezer rooms for specific products require specific temperatures to preserve the product better, Like for instance vegetables require 5°C and blast freezer -25 to -35°C.

1. Frozen foods Coldroom business: This type of business is a well paying business, so if you have some money and looking for a good business to invest in, this is a good one. It involves cold storage of frozen foods like meat, chicken, fish, turkey, prawns etc. , whether for the sole purpose of selling your or running a storage for hire for people , companies, or individuals. This business you'll need a capital of at least 5million naira depending on your location. by the end of the year you could be making twice of that money.


2. Pharmaceutical cold room business: The pharmaceutical industry demands exacting standards and concise storage environments. At their core, your Pharmaceutical Container Cold Storage Units should be the standard for pharmaceutical coldroom storage. It’s the additional features that you should implement to make them suitable for the exact requirements, required by most pharmaceutical body in Nigeria or your region.

3. Hospitable Coldroom business: Running a hospitable business e.g. hotel, short stay homes, serviced apartment. There will be a need for Coldroom especially for hotels , because most hotels do have a need for a restaurant to boost sales and as another source of income within the hotel business. Coldroom primary use is for storage that is; to preserve (perishable)goods. As a Hotel restaurant owner you might need to buy, most of your goods needed in the kitchen at once or in bulk. As it will increase availability of food products, since it would need to be accessible by your customers at any time of the day or night

4. Coldroom Rental Business: You can run a Coldroom rental business, for livestock, pharmaceutical, food , drinks and other perishable goods. Also as a per time cooling service.

Coldroom inspired businesses are one of the most lucrative businesses, and for a place like Nigeria due to the temperate weather a lot of things will mostly rely on strong and intense refrigeration system, especially in the niche of perishable goods and items whether it is an edible product or not. There are a number of Coldroom inspired businesses and the need or demand for Coldroom increases over time as its is known that we are in the ''Zen generation'' that is the new age, the time where our different environs is defined due to, creativity of the people coexisting in it. That been said, it is quite obvious that new Coldroom inspired businesses will surface. And so far I'm aware of a couple of people who have ventured into has been successful and very profitable. Even at that, the research is out there. And it results i have seen from lot of people only further proves how much of a stress free money making machines these Coldroom inspired businesses are.

Which ever Coldroom business inspires you, do ensure that you build your Coldroom by technicians and engineers that know what they doing. Because the quality of your Coldroom would decide the growth and productivity of your business.

At Coldtech we ensure that the needs and services of our customers are met, we also have one of the best engineers and technicians in the field. We do consultations and help clients, who are confused about the particular business to venture in come to a precise decision. We do procurements and we do contracts as well. After 4 years in these business here in Nigeria and Germany we have established great contacts, of manufactures of cooling system, suppliers and many more. That is why we can give quality services/products for good and affordable prices.

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Neznámý člen
06. 6. 2022

Great Post, I'll look into it. I have been considering running a cold room business.

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