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COLDROOM Frozen food Business in Nigeria.

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Are you thinking of starting, a livestock/frozen food Coldroom business?

Then this article is meant for you as it would shed more light on what the business is about?

Madam Joy who has been in the civil service in Lagos and worked so hard. After 30 years in active service had to retire, due to the stress on her and her age, as she could no longer work the ''typical 9 -5'' job anymore, life was looking to tough. And as a single mum, her oldest child just finished from the university was at home and couldn't get a good job yet. She knew she had to do something as Olumide her eldest has 2 other siblings, the second child Doris who just finished secondary school was home awaiting JAMB, while the last child Bola was still in her Junior secondary school.

Single mum with 3 kids is a really tough job on it's own, and not having suitable financial resources to cater for them is worse of. As a retiree from the Federal Civil Service she soon her gratuity, and not knowing what to do with it, she soon started researching a business she could invest in. Then she came across a friend who introduced her to a business as her friend had successfully ran a livestock cold room business in Abuja with great Return Of Investment. As food is a necessity to all of mankind.

She contacted us "Coldtech Experts" we were able to help her set up a 10 tonnes of cold room for a start, as she now plans to expand within the next year due to the great profit she's making. Madam Joy began her journey as a business woman running a profitable cold room business. One year into in she has zero complaint. It can be you too.

Be smart like Madam Joy, invest in your future, and that of your children.

Reach out to us as we are here to help you reach your goal in this business. To request for a quote click here.

However if you're still unsure about the type of cold room business to invest in, you can check out the last article lucrative cold room business in Nigeria.

Also you can reach out to our team of business analyst and Financial Advisors on 07035276429 if you need help understanding the business, and choosing the exact niche of cold room business you'd like to go for.

coldroom in nigeria

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